Lectron The World's Best Jetless Carburettor

We Sell The World's Best 'Jetless' Carburettor!

Lectron leads the world in 'Flat Slide' and 'Flat Metering Rod' innovations. Lectron carburettors push the boundaries of the carburettor 'Technology' improving torque, horsepower, and fuel economy by 'Self Atmospheric Adjusting' and 'Self Tuning' with no main jets, no pilot jets, no jet needles, and no Needle jets! Absolutely, No 'Jetting' required ever!

A Truely 'Jetless' Experience & Astonishingly Quick Tuning, Is What You Get, When You Go Farther, Faster With Lectron!

Lectron's innovative metering rod simply replaces the intermediate circuit and removes the 'burden' for all pilot jets, all needle jets and all main jets in a conventional carburettor. Lectron's simple use of one metering rod, not only replaces all the 'jets', but also offers increased surface area for a far superior 'fuel efficiency delivery system', equal to approximately 12 main jets worth of 'precisely mixed fuel and air' versus the nominal 4 to 5 jet configuration in a traditional carburettor.
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