Radlager KT vorn C-AM (0215-0243)

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Kategorie: Radlager Kits

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  • Kits include all required bearings and seals
  • Front kits are per wheel; rear kits are per axle unless noted
  • High-speed, low-drag bearings are EMQ quality
  • Bearing seals are double-lipped rubber that provides superior exclusion of water, dirt and sand with improved grease retention
  • Wheel seals are type TC nitrile elastomer, specifically designed to keep out water, dirt and sand
  • Seals have a rubber-coated outside diameter that creates an optimum seal at the hub
  • Steel garter spring guarantees constant pressure on the axle shaft, extending the life of the seal
  • For Polaris models that use a McPherson strut in the front
  • In two-wheel drive the wheel bearings are engaged
  • In four-wheel drive a magnetic clutch is activated in the strut tower and the axle is driven through the strut bearings; the wheel bearings are locked out

  • Product Information

    POSITION Vorderseite
    AUSFÜHRUNG Doppeldichtung
    TYP Radlager-Kit

    Marke: CAN AM (BRP)
    Modelljahr: 2000 2001 2005 1999
    Modell: TRAXTER 500 4X4 TRAXTER 500 4X4 Auto CVT TRAXTER 500 4X4 Auto Shift TRAXTER 500 4X4 Max Auto Shift TRAXTER 500 4X4 XL TRAXTER 500 4X4 Max XT Auto Shift
    Product Name: Wheel Bearing
    Style: Double Seal
    Units: Kit
    Mounting Position: Front
    Seal Material: Nitrile Elastomer

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