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Wössner Schmiede-Kolben KTM S-XF Husqvarna FE 250 2014-2015 8865DB 77,97 mm

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Schmiedekolben Wössner

High performance forged premium 4-stroke piston kits

  • German precision
  • In-house designed and manufactured on dedicated lightweight forgings
  • Lightweight pistons and tightest piston-to-wall clearances in the industry results in quieter running engines
  • Standard and oversize pistons for most models and years
  • Standard and high compression ratios for most popular engines
  • Race winning skirt profiles and dome designs results in better ring sealing and higher performance
  • All piston skirts are supplied with a Moly coating to reduce friction and assist in break in
  • Some 4-stroke piston kits come with radial gas porting to assist in ring sealing resulting in better performance
  • State of the art dome design and machining
  • Precision CNC machined ring grooves
  • Double bridged forging design in 2618-T6 Aluminium for all our 250cc & 450cc pistons
  • High-quality ring sets


BEINHALTET CW16 Clip, WP070 Pin, RIK78.00 Ring Set
MATERIAL forged steel
MODELL 4-Stroke
HINWEIS Check fitments for compression ratio.
GRÖSSE +0,01
HUB METRISCH mm Husqvarna: 53,60 mm | KTM: 52,30 mm
AUSFÜHRUNG Performance Replacement

Marke Modell Hubraum Jahr Land Engine Info Position
HUSQVARNA FE 250 250 2014 ALL
HUSQVARNA FE 250 250 2015 ALL
KTM SX-F 250 250 2013 ALL 44 PS/ 32 KW
KTM SX-F 250 250 2014 ALL 44 PS/ 32 KW
KTM SX-F 250 250 2015 ALL 44 PS/ 32 KW
KTM SX-F 250 Factory Edition 250 2015 AMERICA 44 PS/ 32 KW

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