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Wiseco Clutch Pressure Plate Yamaha 3

Wiseco Clutch Pressure Plate Yamaha

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  • Forged from lightweight, high-strength, certified, aerospace-grade, aluminum alloy
  • Wiseco’s CNC machining process produces each component dimensionally the same as the next
  • Weight-saving relief cuts on outside of clutch reduce rotational mass, allowing engine to rev quicker
  • Large oiling holes increase lubrication and reduce heat buildup
  • PTFE coating makes for a near-frictionless surface
  • Clutch baskets come with fasteners complete with preapplied thread locker
  • Product Information

    MODELLZUWEISUNG Yamaha WR250F (2001 – 2013) Yamaha YZ250F (2001 – 2013) Yamaha YZ250F (2009 – 2013)

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