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Wiseco Kolben Bohrung 77,5mm, Sea-doo 580 90-96 3

Wiseco Kolben Bohrung 77,5mm, Sea-doo 580 90-96

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  • Most Wiseco 2-cycle pistons are forged from high-silicone bar stock
  • Greater strength and lower expansion at high temperatures
  • Complete piston kits include High-Performance forged pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips and top-end gasket kit for one complete engine
  • All Wiseco High-Performance pistons are priced with rings, wrist pins and circlips
  • Wiseco ring types are not interchangeable (i.e., CD is not interchangeable with LC) and fit only Wiseco pistons
  • WARNING: Wiseco pistons can be fitted only with Wiseco rings.
  • Product Information

    MATERIAL Aluminum
    TYP Piston

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