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Wiseco Kolbenring-Set 3,880′ 3

Wiseco Kolbenring-Set 3,880′

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  • Forged from a high-silicone aluminum alloy to deliver long life and consistent dimensions
  • Wiseco's high-tech manufacturing ensures greater operating strength and lower expansion at high temperatures
  • Sold in kits that include two pistons, rings, piston pins and circlips
  • Include forged pistons with coated skirts, rings, retainer clips and chrome piston pins
  • Piston kits are available with X-Ring package (.062 top ring, .062 compression ring and .158 oil ring), XC-Ring packages (.039 top ring, .062 compression ring, .158 oil ring) or VM-rings (1.2mm steel, positive twist, gas nitrided top ring, 1.2mm cast iron, taper under-hook scraper ring and 2.0mm three-piece, flex-vent oil ring with steel chrome-faced rails); VM-rings, X-Rings and XC-Rings will not interchange
  • X- and XC-rings are identified by PART # in the application chart; X-Ring PART #s end with an “X” and XC-Ring Part #s end with an “XC”
  • 103″ kits require cylinder boring; 110″ kit requires big-bore cylinders and case boring; X-Ring package (.0472″ top ring, .0472″ compression ring and .118″ oil ring); recalibration required
  • Pistons are made in the U.S.A.
  • NOTE: Replacement rings include rings for one piston only.
  • WARNING: Wiseco pistons that use VM-rings can only be fitted with Wiseco VM-rings; Wiseco pistons that use XC-rings can only be fitted with Wiseco XC-rings.
  • Product Information

    MATERIAL Steel
    MODELL X-Ring
    HINWEIS Fits 99-Later 95" And 103" Twin Cam Motors.
    GRÖSSE 3.880"
    AUSFÜHRUNG Performance Replacement
    TYP Piston Ring

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