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Wiseco Kolbenring-Set Bore 62,5mm, Ski-doo 377/380 3

Wiseco Kolbenring-Set Bore 62,5mm, Ski-doo 377/380

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  • Forged from high-silicon alloy for maximum strength and dependability
  • Wiseco offers a complete range of popular piston models and years for both trail and racing applications
  • All Wiseco pistons are priced with rings and circlips
  • Deliver durability, longevity and increased horsepower
  • Innovative forging design and piston skirt provide maximum horsepower and torque
  • (box)Formula for computing cubic centimeter displacementD = Bore Size in Inches S = Stroke in Inches N = Number of CylindersD(2) x .7854 x S x N x 16.387 = CC DisplacementPRECISION MATCHED AND BALANCED PISTON AND GASKET KITS
  • Contain all the necessary components for overboring or rebuilding your top end
  • Feature forged pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips and top end gasket set
  • Cylinder sleeves must be purchased separately
  • Product Information

    MATERIAL Aluminum
    AUSFÜHRUNG OEM Replacement
    TYP Ring Set

    Mach Modell Jahr
    GAS GAS EC 200 1999 - 2009
    GAS GAS EC 200 HOBBY 2007 - 2008
    GAS GAS EC 200 RACING 2011 - 2017
    GAS GAS EC 200 SIXDAYS 2011
    SUZUKI PE 175 1980
    SUZUKI PE 175 1981
    SUZUKI PE 175 1982 - 1984
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