Lager, vorn WHL-KVF/KLF (0215-0159)

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  • Kits include all required bearings and seals
  • Front kits are per wheel; rear kits are per axle unless noted
  • High-speed, low-drag bearings are EMQ quality
  • Bearing seals are double-lipped rubber that provides superior exclusion of water, dirt and sand with improved grease retention
  • Wheel seals are type TC nitrile elastomer, specifically designed to keep out water, dirt and sand
  • Seals have a rubber-coated outside diameter that creates an optimum seal at the hub
  • Steel garter spring guarantees constant pressure on the axle shaft, extending the life of the seal
  • For Polaris models that use a McPherson strut in the front
  • In two-wheel drive the wheel bearings are engaged
  • In four-wheel drive a magnetic clutch is activated in the strut tower and the axle is driven through the strut bearings; the wheel bearings are locked out

  • Product Information

    POSITION Vorderseite
    AUSFHRUNG Doppeldichtung
    TYP Radlager-Kit

    Marke: KAWASAKI
    Modelljahr: 1994 2000 1995 2001 1993 2002 1989 2003 1990 2004 1992 2005 1991 1999 1998 1997 1996
    Modell: KVF 300 4X4 Prairie KLF 300 4X4 Bayou KLF 400 4X4 Bayou KVF 400 4X4 Prairie KVF 400 2X4 Prairie KVF 300 2X4 Prairie
    Product Name: Wheel Bearing
    Style: Double Seal
    Units: Kit
    Mounting Position: Front
    Seal Material: Nitrile Elastomer

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